There’s a saying “Not all Heroes wear capes”. This I believe is absolutely on the money when you are talking of Samuel Martins. A true friend indeed.

Having a disability isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. But I was able to maneuver through life knowing I had a job that could sustain me till I was laid off. I wasn’t warned or neither was I given a grace of looking for another job. I was made to believe it was budget cuts. I do understand the depletion of the economy since the pandemic but disability cheques don’t cover some physiotherapy my general practioner has required me to do, so I could quickly be nursed back to full heath. I reported it to council and I was given a solicitor who felt like he was just for the money and wasn’t prepared to do much as far as I could tell.

I soon came across Samuel Martins website and contacted him immediately. He told me that he had recently represented a client who was subjected to mistreatment at the hands of their employers. Most firms have laid quiet a few on due to again “budget cuts”. I was so happy when Samuel listened to my plight. Ensured that I got a severance and monthly wages up until I secured my current employment.

I highly recommend giving Samuel Martins a call. The best legal practioner that you can rely on to fight work place injustice.

Best wishes Samuel. Good luck