Disability Related Discrimination in The Workplace

If you’re facing gender or disability related discrimination at work and would like professional assistance in dealing with the situation, contact grievancehearings.co.uk for help. We will be happy to assist you in writing a formal grievance letter and regularly assist clients across Kettering and the surrounding areas.

Disability Related Discrimination in The Workplace

If you’re facing gender or disability related discrimination at work and would like professional assistance in dealing with the situation, contact grievancehearings.co.uk for help. We will be happy to assist you in writing a formal grievance letter and regularly assist clients across Kettering and the surrounding areas.

Disability Related Discrimination in The Wokplace

If you’re facing gender or disability related discrimination at work and would like professional assistance in dealing with the situation, contact grievancehearings.co.uk for help. We will be happy to assist you in writing a formal grievance letter and regularly assist clients across Kettering and the surrounding areas.

Bullying At Work Is a serious issue

Are you being bullied at work or do you feel that your dignity, wellbeing and safety is being abused? Have you spoken to a supervisor or manager and asked for help in dealing with the problem? Being bullied at work can be highly distressing and can affect both your personal and professional life. At grievancehearings.co.uk, we’re able to offer you the necessary support and advice and draft a formal grievance letter if required. From our base in Kettering, we support clients throughout the UK.

Workplace discrimination comes in many forms and can affect anyone. If you feel that you’re being treated unfairly because of certain protected characteristics such as your gender, age, race or sexual orientation, then you have a right to question it. We will assist you in writing the specific type of grievance letter required to file against your employer and will also help you to exercise your contractual rights of appealing against any decision that you are unhappy with.

We’re a team of professionally qualified employment law advisors with more than 18 years of experience. Our team members have successfully provided guidance, advice and support in relation to workplace and disability-related discrimination and can also help settle disputes related to the disparity of wages, unfair dismissals, harassment and bullying in the workplace. If you find yourself facing any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Bullying & Harassment

Unfair Dismissal

You Are Being discriminated against if you are:

  • Made redundant individually, without good reason
  • Excluded from relevant meetings or important emails, training days or promotion opportunities
  • Facing overbearing supervision from a senior or line manager
  • Singled out and teased with discriminatory jokes
  • Offered working conditions that place you at a disadvantage to others

Exceptional Service

Samuel Martins provides exceptional advice!. I went through several work changes and needed honest advice and a detailed contract review before making any decisions. I was provided with the right tools and questions to go back to my prospective employer. I felt very supported throughout the process. I highly recommend Samuel Martins legal services to anyone requiring employment advice.

Thank you Samuel for your wonderful services. I have used other solicitor services in the past and none has come close to the expertise’s of Samuel Martins. My experience with Samuel has been very pleasant and an easy process from start to end. Samuel Martins provides quality services with attention to details and genuinely aims to understand the need of his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend his services!

Ryan Wallace - August 2022


I called in with an issue I had with my employer and I was very impressed with the services Samuel Martins provided. I received a rapid call back based on my original inquiry about an issue I was having regarding wrongful termination and disputed severance packages. Samuel Martins guaranteed me the justice I deserved. I know the value of good legal advice. Samuel Martins is my go –to source for fast and accurate response to employment law questions. Stop searching for more opinions and look no further, You can be assured that you are in safe hands as Samuel Martins will fight for you till the very end and ensure you get the justice you deserve. You’ll thank me later

The ability to give clear and concise advice is very important for a lawyer and Samuel knows his onions. I have zero doubt about Samuel’s ability to do so with his clients, Whenever I refer someone to him, I know that they are well taking care of and they’ll be able to make clear decisions about their next steps. Samuel Martins for the win!

Gillian Newcomb

Highly Recommend

I have relied on The Employment Law Service for many years for fast and accurate legal advice on employment matters. As a lawyer myself, I know I am getting high quality services. Samuel Martins is detail – oriented, asks the right questions and simplifies employment law concepts to make his advice easy to understand and follow. I highly recommend Samuel Martins for any employment related issues!. Yes he is the one you want in your corner dealing with awful employers/employees and discrimination in the work place.

Harvey Specter


Samuel Martins was a pleasure to deal with. Samuel was prompt and very helpful, nothing but positive things to say. I sat on a board that required guidance on an employee issue. Samuel Martins helped us make the right decisions for everyone involved. Thank you Samuel for being able to jump in and help me so quickly.

Vick Madaan

Highly Recommend

I stumbled on Samuel Martins website and it already seemed like they know their stuff. So I reached out and contacted Samuel with questions regarding a recent discrimination that occurred at work. Samuel Martins is by far the most professional, and polite lawyer my friends have ever dealt with. He is super knowledgeable and have all the means to provide the best services for your employment issues. Samuel martins listens to her clients and guide them with what he feels is the most appropriate path forward, and of course consider their feelings and opinions throughout the way. The reason a person hires a lawyer is to help them with decisions they do not have the expertise in. Samuel Martins is just that! Highly recommended. A must have solicitor when dealing with problems at work.

Sheri Bancroft


Samuel Martins is excellent, efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services. He runs an amazing firm. Fast efficient and gets the job done. Communication was great and any question I had was replied on time. Genuine 5 star ratings.

There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice by contacting Samuel Martins. The service, courtesy and professionalism he demonstrated hands down made the stressful situation a very positive experience. Samuel is extremely knowledgeable and really shows a passion for doing what’s is the nest interest for his clients. Very thorough and responsive, he takes the time to go through the process and next steps. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with Samuel, highly recommended without a doubt!

Stephanie Blasko

Highly Recommend

Samuel was my slingshot against a multinational monstrosity of a Goliath corporation that heartlessly discarded human beings like trash. They bettered the severance package as well as provided a crash course in understanding employment law; all I had to do was pay attention. Samuel Martins professionalism can speak volumes but its not what I want to address… most important is Samuel’s human approach to help me navigate on a personal level, and that’s something that can’t be taught. It is this endearing attribute that makes him special. I highly recommend Samuel Martins and he deserves this 5-star rating.

Cory Phillips


I sought out Samuel Martins help. Words don’t describe how kind, thorough and knowledgeable he was. Samuels’s expertise was explained in such a way that made sense to understand.

My biggest grievance came in early December 2021, as I was made to work during the holidays but no bonus was given at the end despite my employers had promised. I was supervising in retail and of course the workload falls on me when an employee refuses to come in to work or do their job properly. I was made to think my wages was all I will be getting and there won’t be a holiday break either. I realized the unfair nature of this new agreement with my employers. That’s when I decided to contact Samuel Martins.

One of the biggest takeaway was the compassion didn’t get lost and attention to detail was impeachable. Samuel cared more about how to make my case cost effective for me and less about pocketing all of my money. He ensured I got my bonus and a paid three-week holiday.

Thank you Samuel Martins. It was truly a blessing to have you help me.

Dawn Cove

Would Recommend

I recently had the pleasure of working with Samuel Martins to craft an Employment Contract where we had none before. Samuel was incredibly knowledgeable of the latest rules and regulations as it relates to employees. He was very helpful in explaining the dos and don’ts of contracts and making sure that the end result was exactly what I needed. I would recommend Samuel Martins to anyone, whether they are an employer or an employee.


If you need a solicitor that you can depend on, I would recommend Samuel Martins. He is an amazing solicitor that you would want in your corner. You wont be disappointed. He would listen, Strategize and build on solid case out of the ashes of a clients failing protest against discrimination or unfair advantage at the work place.

Kings regards – Michael

Michael Ray Guard

Highly Recommend

There’s a saying “Not all Heroes wear capes”. This I believe is absolutely on the money when you are talking of Samuel Martins. A true friend indeed.

Having a disability isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. But I was able to maneuver through life knowing I had a job that could sustain me till I was laid off. I wasn’t warned or neither was I given a grace of looking for another job. I was made to believe it was budget cuts. I do understand the depletion of the economy since the pandemic but disability cheques don’t cover some physiotherapy my general practioner has required me to do, so I could quickly be nursed back to full heath. I reported it to council and I was given a solicitor who felt like he was just for the money and wasn’t prepared to do much as far as I could tell.

I soon came across Samuel Martins website and contacted him immediately. He told me that he had recently represented a client who was subjected to mistreatment at the hands of their employers. Most firms have laid quiet a few on due to again “budget cuts”. I was so happy when Samuel listened to my plight. Ensured that I got a severance and monthly wages up until I secured my current employment.

I highly recommend giving Samuel Martins a call. The best legal practioner that you can rely on to fight work place injustice.

Best wishes Samuel. Good luck

Larry Randal


Sexual Discrimination was usually a topic I thought I would never experience at work, until it did. I noticed my male colleagues where being specially treated. At first I thought it was a “Guy” thing at the work place and also because my work place is a male dominated profession. I realized, I was being discriminated on because of my sexuality. Furthermore, I may be over qualified for a task or a project, but I was ignored. I told my friend about it and she recommended Samuel Martins website. I contacted him and requested a zoom meeting. He was nice and empathetic. It is hard for a man to understand things from a woman’s perspective, but he did. He was kind and asked wrote down my grievance and sent them a letter.

I was called in by my manager at work, who was ready to listen and singed my up for several upcoming project which help me make enough commission to pay off my student loans. The terms were fair and this is all thanks to Samuel Martins. He is truly a Godsend. I didn’t know how I much I was entitled to as a female employee working doing a man job. 

Sincerest heart – Alison

Alison Carter

Representation at employment Tribunals

For legal advice regarding formal disputes, work related discrimination and bullying, get in touch with grievancehearings.co.uk. We can also represent you at an employment tribunal on a no win, no fee basis.