Grievance dispute costs

At GrievanceHearings UK, we operate on a no win, no fee charge of 35% on all claims that we are instructed to act upon. For further details regarding the potential cost of your dispute, please get in touch with the team at our main office in Kettering.



Our Fees Apply to the following situations


Tribunal hearings

Case management discussions over the phone or in person at the employment tribunal
Settlement negotiations
Judicial mediation
To illustrate how this operates, let’s say an award of compensation is made for £10,000. A fee of 35% will be applied by our business, equivalent to the sum of £3,500. If the case is lost, no fees will be payable by the client.

Telephone Advice & Assistance

We offer 5 minutes of free advice and we charge £20.00 for 15 minutes of advice and assistance. If you require letter writing this comes in two forms, over the phone for a fee of £ 50.00 will be charged or if you require that we draft a letter for you a fee of £200.00 will be charged via Paypal which is on our website.

Administration fees

A standard fee of £700.00 is charged on top of the 35% to cover letter writing, phone calls and case preparation. This also covers advice and assistance that we give to the client as well as negotiating or discussing a settlement on your case with both the employer and ACAS or your ex employer.

The fee is charged on the success of the case only, so for example if the sum of £10,000 is awarded to the client, a fee of 35% and £700.00 will be charged, which is equivalent to a figure of £4,200. If the case is lost, you will not pay or owe a penny.


You will be expected to meet our expenses in the event that travel is required, with hotel accommodation costs also payable by the client. This may range from £85 for travel expenses, subject to the location of the hearing and £45.00 per night at a Premier Inn or similar hotel, which can be booked directly by the client.

In the event that we cannot represent you at the employment tribunal, we will instruct a barrister to represent you. This will incur a fee which will be fixed between you and them, payable by yourself.

Alternative funding for your claim

You may decide to enter a fixed fee arrangement with us, where a minimum fee of £5,000 to £7,000 will be charged upfront to cover both administration and representation fees, subject to the length of your hearing. Your claim may be scheduled for two days up to twelve days and the fee will remain unchanged.

You may also represent yourself for free if you wish to do so.

The Free Representation Unit, otherwise known as FRU, can also represent you for free.


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