I sought out Samuel Martins help. Words don’t describe how kind, thorough and knowledgeable he was. Samuels’s expertise was explained in such a way that made sense to understand.

My biggest grievance came in early December 2021, as I was made to work during the holidays but no bonus was given at the end despite my employers had promised. I was supervising in retail and of course the workload falls on me when an employee refuses to come in to work or do their job properly. I was made to think my wages was all I will be getting and there won’t be a holiday break either. I realized the unfair nature of this new agreement with my employers. That’s when I decided to contact Samuel Martins.

One of the biggest takeaway was the compassion didn’t get lost and attention to detail was impeachable. Samuel cared more about how to make my case cost effective for me and less about pocketing all of my money. He ensured I got my bonus and a paid three-week holiday.

Thank you Samuel Martins. It was truly a blessing to have you help me.