Sexual Discrimination was usually a topic I thought I would never experience at work, until it did. I noticed my male colleagues where being specially treated. At first I thought it was a “Guy” thing at the work place and also because my work place is a male dominated profession. I realized, I was being discriminated on because of my sexuality. Furthermore, I may be over qualified for a task or a project, but I was ignored. I told my friend about it and she recommended Samuel Martins website. I contacted him and requested a zoom meeting. He was nice and empathetic. It is hard for a man to understand things from a woman’s perspective, but he did. He was kind and asked wrote down my grievance and sent them a letter.

I was called in by my manager at work, who was ready to listen and singed my up for several upcoming project which help me make enough commission to pay off my student loans. The terms were fair and this is all thanks to Samuel Martins. He is truly a Godsend. I didn’t know how I much I was entitled to as a female employee working doing a man job. 

Sincerest heart – Alison